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Randall Park talks to Vulture about his new Netflix rom-com “Always Be My Maybe”

- Randall drives the journalist to the mall he lost his virginity in back in 1993. He was in his first year at UCLA. He lost it in the back of a Corolla - he uses this story in "Always Be My Maybe", which he co-wrote with his friend Ali Wong.

- Journalist says "At 45, Park radiates stability, like a well-built house." Randall was nicknamed "Care Moose" when he was a counsellor because he was warm and nurturing (OP swoons).

- At some point he steers the wheel of the car with his knee. The journalist stills feels safe because Care Moose is driving.

- He co-founded an Asian–American theater group called LCC, while in UCLA where got a master’s degree in Asian–American studies.

- At age 32, worked at Starbucks while filming MTV’s Wild ’n Out because MTV doesn't play well and he had #studentloans.

- Role were few and far between, diversity showcases back in early 2000s were futile. He has his principles, but felt there are also roles you take to get a foot in the door. He regrets some roles he has taken for instance a role in a pilot called Lucky Us in which he played "a gay Mr. Yunioshi caricature" named Jimmy.

- He once took an acting workshop and one of the exercises was that you sit with your back to the class, and the other students shouted out roles you could play onscreen. When it was Park’s turn, they said, “Nerd, tech guy, child molester.”

- He eventually landed roles on The Office, Veep and of course Fresh Off The Boat.

- The interview was conducted before FOB was renewed and before Constance's tweets. He said to the Journalist“[Constance] is, I think, ready to explore other things, as am I. I’m at a place now where if the show ends, I’ll be thrilled because then I’ll get to try to do other things.”. He also adds he will be thrilled if the show keeps going because it has allowed him to have a lot of financial stability he never thought he would have The paid off his student loans, bought a house and broke free of credit-card debt.He says "I feel like I’m at a good place for myself...I never really thought I’d ever be able to have a great family, and live in a nice place.” (OP sobs)

- they go and visit his mum. He wants to remodel his parents's house but his mother refuses to take his money.

- His mother is a painter and some of her work is reproduced in Always Be My Maybe.

- Journalist, Randall and Randall's mum talk about his career, their initial expectations (they wanted him to be a doctor or a scientist, and their trepidation at his choice to become and actor.

- Ali Wong thought Randall was like a deity because he had founded LCC theatre group which she eventually joined.

- How Always Be My Maybe came to be: Randall had called Ali to congratulate her on the success of Baby Cobra. While they were chatting Randall suggested they do a romcom. Ali thought Randal wanted her to write something for him to star in with someone else e.g Anne Hathaway. But, Randall wanted Ali to be his costar. A few months later, Ali casually mentions the possibility of the project in an interview for The New Yorker. The Vulture latched onto it and made a story out of it and something that was just chat became a responsibility. Apparently, Ali and Randall's people were inundated with calls afterwards.

- Randall would love to play Columbo in a reboot (OP approves this message because she hads a crush on Columbo)

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