Mountain climber influencer who complained about Everest overcrowding, dies climbing the Everest

Robin Fisher, a British and experimented climber with over 89,000 followers on social media, complained on Instagram about the excessive amounts of people that have arrived to Nepal to try and climb the dangerous mountain. One day after that, he suffered an untimely death due to lack of oxygen. He said 'Delays caused by overcrowding could prove fatal,'while warning of overcrowding on the mountain.

This year has been one of the deadliest ones for Everest climbers, due to it being overcrowded, with over 11 deaths so far. Causing waiting lines of up to 3 hours to ascend, depleting the climbers’ oxygen tanks in a place where oxygen is trascendental and large quantities of trash being discarded all over the place.

Nepali government issuing more climbing permits than the place can handle and tourist agencies taking inexperienced individuals despite the potential dangers, are contributing factors to this death toll

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