Lorne Michaels Pressured Chris Kattan to sleep with Night at the Roxbury director Amy Heckerling

In an excerpt from Chris Kattan’s recent memoir, he describes being pressured by Lorne Michaels, who had signed on to produce A Night at the Roxbury, to sleep with Clueless director Amy Heckerling, who was, at the time, attached to the project

Kattan writes:

“Paramount would only do the movie if Amy signed on as director … If I wanted to make sure the movie happened, I had to keep Amy happy,”.

Lorne apparently said:

“Chris, I’m not saying you have to fuck her, but it wouldn’t hurt,”

Kattan claims that a few weeks later, he and Heckerling had sex. I was attracted to Amy,” he writes. “But at the same time very afraid of the power she and Lorne wielded over my career.”

Heckerling ultimately ended up taking on a producer role, and John Fortenberry stepped in as director