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'The View' Round-Up: Biden's Crime Bill Vote, Altered Pelosi Video, and More

Whoopi thinks anyone who has worked in politics for a long time has signed something at one point or another that people will look back at as bad. Joy calls out Trump's hypocrisy for wanting to give the death penalty to the Central Park Five even after they were exonerated. Sunny thinks Biden has to address the issue of voting in favor of the crime bill because mass incarceration did get worse after it was passed. Sunny doesn't like that Trump is equating black voters with only crime. Meghan thinks Biden's main problem is that he has a long record compared to people like Mayor Pete so that opens him up to more scrutiny. She also points out that despite Trump's remarks, Biden has the highest support from black voters than any other candidate at 45% and second is Bernie Sanders at 15%.

Meghan has a "Dixie Chicks rule" where you don't criticize the U.S. when you're overseas because you're representing your country. Whoopi doesn't understand why Trump is allowed to say whatever he wants without any backlash.

Whoopi says to beat people fair and square instead of posting doctored videos. Sunny points out that 67% of Americans get their news from Facebook despite the company claiming that they're not in the news business. Meghan thinks even if Facebook doesn't take the video down, they should put up a disclaimer that it's doctored.

The co-hosts talk to Lamar Odom about his drug and sex addiction. He's promoting his new memoir Darkness to Light.

Lamar says he's proud to have been the first black Kardashian.

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Elizabeth Warren will appear tomorrow!

Poll #2093127 The top 5 candidates according to the RCP average...

As things stand now, who are you most likely voting for?

Joe Biden (34.7%)
Bernie Sanders (17.7%)
Elizabeth Warren (9.8%)
Kamala Harris (8.0%)
Pete Buttigieg (6.2%)
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