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Real Housewives of Potomac 4.4 "Who the Hell Did Kurn's Dookie Braids?" - Discussion Post

- Michael allegedly says "I'd suck [redacted] his [redacted]" that's all we gots
- YellowLightGreenLight is trying to communicate her feelings to embark on her next relationship so she sort of smoothly segues into the Bravo sponsored trip to New Orleans, going to visit where Blake Lively had ha wedding
- Kurn and the Bratz Doll hang out at the dentist because people apparently do this, but OP is loner so she don't know
- the Evil Stepmother is still ummmm for lack of a better term evil who basically threatens to sell the townhouse when she and Candiance argue though Candiance might not be paying toward it at all
- The Bratz Doll and her husband want to leave and get their own place
- Her Brokness and her fuckboy ex-husband are still boring and Juan likes having the stability of Her Brokeness without the actual love part (Whew Her Brokeness fished for that "I love you")
- "Ubigotus", "Haus of Hooger", "rollerballs for 19.99"
- Gizelle and her smoker's voice looked fabulous on the bus, Robyn was motherfucking late againT
- Did Michael narrate the Outback Steakhouse commercial that came on during OP's break?
- YellowLightGreenLight with her lost voice gets messy with Kurn again


This episode has been brought to you by that sorry ass cheesy gawddamn Godzilla ad - biiiiish that's why Mothra knocked you the fuck out!
Tags: reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)

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