Final Fantasy VII Remake Details Have Leaked

ALLEGEDLY.... this is what we're getting.

- Accessories will not appear on character models, but equipped weapons will (in battle, exploring, etc).

- Magic consumes MP and ATB, which the player gets more of as the game progresses.

- There will be one new Summon, Amarok, who is wolf-like in appearance and inflicts Darkness with its damage.

- Open-world map with roads and modes of transportation to get through. Vehicles like the Tiny Bronco work almost exactly the same. Available items will occasionally appear on the field.

- A lot of effort has been put into the culture and unique traits of each town, making each location very different from the next, which ultimately contributes to a richer world.

- Monsters have been re-designed but will remain recognizable. However, some monsters seem to have been scrapped altogether (i.e: no Ghost enemies in the Train Yard).

- Tifa's new design stays true to her original outfit, with her face reportedly being a "slightly more Western" version of her Advent Children features.

- Cait Sith is pronounced like 'Ket-Sith'.

** Story SPOILERS ahead from this point on **

[Spoiler (click to open)]- Game will be in two parts. Part One fades to black as Aerith is let down into the water after her death.
- Sephiroth will be very elusive until the Kalm flashback.

- Shinra Headquarters, while having less floors, will have more obstacles than in the original. Have fun getting to the top, sis.

- Yuffie and Vincent are no longer optional.

- While we won't get to see Cloud physically put on that dress and wig, we will reportedly NOT BE ROBBED OF CLOUD IN DRAG.