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The Duggar Family Just Keeps Expanding...

Josiah Duggar, number eight in the Duggar clan, and his wife just announced they are expecting a baby together. Josiah joins FOUR of his siblings (out of the 8 married Duggars) who are also adding little God Warriors to the family at some point this year.

[Spoiler (click to open)]- Family pervert Josh, the oldest of the Duggar Clan, and his wife Anna announced they are expecting baby #6. This should come as no surprise, since Anna seems to pop kids out every two years like clockwork: Makcynzie in 2009, Michael in 2011, Marcus in 2013, Meredith in 2015, and Mason in 2017.

- Jessa, Duggar #5, and her husband Ben are expecting their third child sometime in the spring. They already have two little boys, Spurgeon (yep) and Henry.

- Joseph, Duggar #7, and his wife Kendra announced in April that they are expecting their second child. They already have a son named Garett who was born in 2018.

- Joy, Duggar #9, and her husband Austin announced at the beginning of May that they are expecting their second child. They also already have a son, Gideon, who was born literally 9 months after they got married--wedding on May 26, 2017 and baby on February 23, 2018. You do the math.

Cousin Amy is also pregnant but does anyone really care?

Still no pregnancy news for John David (aka the former Bachelor ’til the rapture) and his wife Abbie, who got married last November, or for current mom-of-2 Jill Duggar, former straight-laced and devoted Duggar #4 who shocked fans by getting her nose pierced and wearing pants.

sources: josiah & siblings
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