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Escándalo! Kids of Mexico's ex Presidents are linked to NXIVM

Translated from Spanish

Emiliano Salinas, son of infamous Mexican politician Carlos Salinas de Gortari, has been pointed by the New York district attorney office, along with two other Mexican businessmen, of being co-conspirators and part of the inner circle of Reiniere’s sex trafficking sect.

Salinas, who is also husband of telenovela actress Ludwika Paleta, introduced NXIVM in Mexico as a high leveled executive success program and motivational courses called ESP Mexico. The couple has been married since 2013, but Ludwika has not put a statement concerning the situation and has not posted a picture of the two together on social media since April 2018.

More recently, Ana Cristina Fox, daughter of ex President Vicente Fox, is being accused of being a master of the DOS program, along with four other Mexican, rich women.

Despite this, all of them are currently not being prosecuted or facing any charges yet, beyond the accusations made.

Source in Spanish 1
Tags: latino celebrities, legal / lawsuit, politics, scandal, sexual misconduct

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