Anna Allen returns to Netflix after being exposed for photoshopping her way through Hollywood

Tweet reads: The actress Anna Allen invented her entire professional career, disappeared, and years later has decided to return to Paquita Salas at Netflix.

- If you've been here for a few year, you'll remember one of ONTD legendary posts and winner of Best Post at 'BEST OF ONTD 2015™️'. Anna Allen was a spanish actress that photoshopped and faked her way through Hollywood pretending she was at the oscars, starring at The Big Bang Theory, White Collar, Boardwalk Empire and even faked her agency.
- Well, she's coming back to TV after 4 years of not working. Apparently she's been cast in the third season of a spanish Netflix show called "Paquita Salas".
- Netflix has declined to comment.


ONTD, have you faked your way through something?