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Mel B Opens Up About Spice Girls + Sleeping with Geri

- Mel B did an interview with P*ers M*rgan with Mel C, her mom, sister, and daughter in the audience opening up about her life from racial abuse, Spice Girls, and past relationships

- Calls Geri "batshit crazy" and Victoria "bit of a bitch" but loves her

- Answers questions on how each would help if stuck on a desert island

- Has no label on her sexuality because she doesn't feel the need to

- Opens up about the alleged experience with Geri in the video below (Mel C swears she doesn't know anything lol)

- (in the time being while the video is still up) Mel B also talks about her two suicide attempts, abusive relationship, and Eddie Murphy being the 'love of her life' still:

The interview was a ride but lol at her daughter looking unbothered throughout the whole thing

sources: 1 2 3
Tags: interview, spice girls, victoria / david beckham

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