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Dynasty getting a new showrunner for season 3! (Plus spoilers from the finale)

-Josh Reims of Dirty Sexy Money fame will be taking over Sallie Patrick's role as showrunner
-Sallie broke the news on Instagram, saying “While I’m excited to move on to my next challenge, it’s of course hard to part with a world I put so much love into, from first pitch to this 44th [episode], but I’m so pleased with the team carrying it forward”
-She says season 3 is "gonna be great!"

[Spoiler (click to open)]
-Fallon and Liam get engaged, but the ring falls off the boat and to the bottom of the lake. Creeper Adam has some men dig it up, but instead they find two dead bodies: The hitman Blake had killed earlier this season, and Fallon's high school friend Trixie who fell over the staircase at the house when she was 16. Anders "took care of it" but never said how.
-Blake and Cristal were going to get married, but the discovery of the bodies interrupted the wedding
-Liam has a 10-year-old kid that was put up for adoption because he couldn't handle being a high school parent.
-Anders quits working for the Carringtons to help Sam run a hotel
-Jeff Colby faked his death with the help of Dominique in an attempt to frame Adam, except once his plane took off, it turned out his mother did it to get rid of him and keep getting $$$ from Blake. She removed the incriminating Adam evidence from the scene of the crime.
-Adam knocked out Liam and when he woke up, he stumbled into the pool. Will he drown and die? Tune in next season.

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