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" Live All in the Family and "The Jeffersons" gets an encore presentation

Here's your chance to relive those memories! Watch an encore of #LiveInFrontOfAStudioAudienceagain TONIGHT at 8|7c on ABC!

— ABC (@ABCNetwork) May 25, 2019

- The live "All in the family and "The Jeffersons" with an all star cast comes on tonight on Abc at 8pm.

Trivia about the original serios and today.

-Carrol O Conner(Archie Bunker) was 47 when the show premiered and Jean Stapleton(Edith Bunker) was 47.Woody harrelson is 57, Marisa Tomei is 54.

-Jean Stapleton' s birthday was one week after January 12, 1971 premiere of the show, at January 19.

- Harrison Ford turned down the role of Mike "Meathead" Stivic(Rob Reiner) because he felt Archie Bunker was to offensive.

- "All in the Family "was based on the BBC show " Til death do us part"

- "All in the family" was not an instant hit and was close to cancelation until the summer reruns gained viewers and it was renewed.

- After the second season, Carrol O Connor's name was to be first shown before the credits. He insisted tv wife Jean Stapleton get the same treatment, and the producers relented.

-"The Jeffersons was the longest running spinoff of "All in the Family" at 10 years, beating all in the familys 8 years.

- The interracial kiss between. The Jeffersons married neighbors Tom and Helen was going to be edited out , but Excutive producer Fred Silverman lobbied to keep it in.

- Isabel Stanford(wheezy) was the first black actress to recieve a lead actress Emmey in comedy.

- Isabel Stanford was 57 at the premiere of " The Jeffersons" Sherman Hemsley was 37. Wanda Sykes is 55. Jaime Foxx is 51.

-Lionel Jefferson, played by "The leftovers" actor, Jevan Adepo on the live broadcast, was played by two actors in the ten year run. Mike Evans and Damon Evans. No relation.

- The theme song, "movin on up" performed by Jennifer Hudson on the live broadcast, was performed by Ja'net Dubois, who played The Evans family neighbor and friend Willona Woods on "Good Times".

- The show was cancelled abruptly after 10 years and Sherman Hemsley found out about it in the paper. The cast reunited a few years later for a stage play based on the sitcom.


The original british "All in the family". "Till death do us part"

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