Lemmons (evillemmons) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

The Graham Norton Show FULL episode: "Dark Phoenix" Cast + Taylor Swift

-Sophie says that they didn't choose Diplo to be their wedding photographer, he just chose to livestream it lol
-Robert Redford asked James McAvoy to speak with a british accent because he couldn't understand his lmaooo
-Jessica Chastain loves pranks
-Sophie Turner has a superpower and that superpower is SLEEPING. She can sleep anywhere, anytime in any position.
-Michael can sing a lot of 80s tv shows theme songs
-Jessica Chastain spoils Michael on the ending of Game of Thrones
-They show a picture of Joe Jonas dressed as Sansa Stark
-Taylor and Sophie screamed when they greeted each other
-Taylor says her new album is gonna be happier because she's in a much better mood
-Taylor talks about the interview with Rolling Stone magazine and how she wanted to be her best self and to drive the best she had ever driven, but she ended up in two car accidents, one was her fault and the other one wasn't
-I wonder how Joe feels about this couch lmfaoooo
-Taylor says that being in the Cats movie is her dream come true
-Taylor is playing a manipulative sociopath cat (ontd will have a field day with that lmaoo)
-Sophie asks Taylor if she can do an english accent for her and Taylor is like 'nope' lmfao
-Taylor only had to come for 3 days of cat school (to prepare for the movie) but she was there 4 months
-Taylor compliments Sophie on the thing she did at the beginning of the episode where she put her leg around her neck and Sophie is like "Thanks, anytime you wanna see it I can just..."


Did you like the episode?
Tags: graham norton, james mcavoy, jessica chastain, jonas brothers, michael fassbender, sophie turner, taylor swift

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