Y2K-Era Girl Group Blaque Announce Release of 16 Year Old Scrapped Album 'Torch'

The short-lived girl group you probably remember from Bring It On and Lisa Lopez protégés Blaque - made up of Shamari Devoe (who btw is now married to a member of New Edition/BBD... themoreyouknow.png), Brandi Williams, and the late Natina Reed - announced that they finally got the masters + executive producer credit to their 2003 cancelled album Torch - featuring the original 'Focus' Honey soundtrack feature "I'm Good". Snippets of the album have been circling the net, and now fans who have been begging for the album for years finally get their wish! The group is now gearing up for a 20th anniversary concert in Atlanta celebrating the history of the group.

Torch will be out next Friday.


A time machine capsule finally uncovered. Are you rooting for Blaque?

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