Allison Williams promotes "The Perfectin" on "Strahan and Sara"

_Allison Williams was on" Strahan and Sara" to discuss her Netflix film " The Perfection"

_When asked what show she would want to have a live show, like the "Jefferson's and All in the Family" live show, she says the "West Wing"

_ Loves the "Bachelorette" and is fascinated by how fast Luke said I love you. She says the show has its own love language and can't wait to see if Luke is for real.

_ Says her new film will have the viewer feel every stage of emotion and agrees with someone who saw it that you will need a palette clenser after watching it.

_ Says it's surreal to see her face in times square and if she ever says it's no big deal,to give her a gentle tap.

_When asked if her parents are more turned off by her in horror films or her "Girls" sex scenes, she says her parents are worrier's anyway, but less worried with scary movies.

_ Michael requested that all teaspoons be kept out of the drinks with her there.

"The Perfection" starts streaming on Netflix on May 24.

Ontd: What is the next TV show you would like to be recreated live?