Captain Marvel deleted scene pays homage to Terminator movie

In anticipation of Captain Marvel's digital release on May 28, Marvel has been releasing deleted scenes from the movie. Today Marvel released the originally filmed scene where Carol is confronted by some dude bro on a bike telling her to smile (gag). In the alternate scene, which was captured during filming by paps, Carol [Spoiler (click to open)] suggests a hand shake instead of a smile and quickly puts the jerk on his knees. She demands his jacket, his bike and his helmet in exchange for keeping his hand. This is similar to Arnold's line in T2 saying "I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle". According to comments on Twitter, this scene was shown in the movie overseas. In America, the scene was very different with [Spoiler (click to open)] there no confrontation whatsoever. Carol ignores him. (Should've left in to really make the fanboys whine)

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