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What happened in Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists season finale?

I. Marlene King breaks down the finale with TVLine.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
-Jeremy didn't actually kill Nolan (shocker!) and remains in stable condition off-screen in a hospital
-A mysterious "A" figure known as The Professor filmed Taylor shooting Jeremy and the rest of the group lying to support the story they told the cops.
-The Professor invited the Perfectionists, Alison, and Mona to a secret dungeon to tell them they're watching and that they expect them to play the game or else they'll expose them
-Mona was ready to move back to Rosewood but then blackmailed Claire "Lily Van Der Woodsen" Hotchkiss with the knowledge that she also slept with Mason. Claire re-hires Mona.
-Alison decides to become a Psychology TA even though that's not how academia works
-Ava's dad comes back and Tanner Booker tries to catch him but Ava returns half the money and who cares about this plotline?
-Dylan's homophobic high school bully Luke runs a food truck on campus called Luke's (Gilmore Girls' impact!). Dylan stands up to Luke and it turns out Luke is also gay and was jealous Dylan was out in high school.

Some general Marlene notes:
-She couldn't be happier with how The Professor turned out
-She thinks we'll have some Rosewood friends visit Beacon Heights in season 2
-However, we'll find out if they got renewed in the coming weeks
-Tyler Blackburn, Troian Bellisario, and Ashley Benson have all been "supportive" about coming back

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