Wendy Williams' Son Arrested For Punching His Father

  • Divorce is a tough thing to be in the middle of, especially when you are a child, but for Wendy Williams' son, Kevin Hunter Jr., he let it be known whose side he is on.

  • On Wednesday morning, Kevin Hunter Jr. was arrested and booked for assault against his own father Kevin Hunter Sr.

  • The altercation started because Sr. told his son he needs to forge his own path in life and not live off his famous mothers money. Jr. apparently began to argue with his dad about his treatment of Wendy, his mistress and his request for spousal and child support. Sr. put his son in a headlock and Jr. began punching his dad in the face to break the hold.

  • Kevin Hunter Sr said he is not pressing charges or persuing things in a legal manner.

  • Wendy has not addressed the incident on the show but has spoken about how her divorce has brought her and her son closer together than ever before and that he is currently attending college.

  • Wendys estranged ex is currently seeking both spousal support and child support for Kevin Jr. even though their son lives with Wendy and is 19 years old.


You go Kevin Jr!