Moby still at it: posts pictorial evidence of his "relationship" with Natalie Portman

  • Several hours after telling haters to get a life Moby continued to prove he doesn't have one by maintaining he dated Natalie Portman when she was 18 and he was 33 (or 34?)

  • Musician Moby made the claim that they "dated" when she was 20 in his new memoir. Portman was later asked about it in an interview and said she recalled it more as him creeping on her for a few weeks when she was 18 and just out of high school

  • He calls their "relationship" "brief, innocent and consensual"

  • You can scroll to view the "evidence" which are a couple of pics of Moby with his arm around Natalie including one he had previously posted of the two of them where he is barechested and they appear to be backstage at a concert

  • Moby is now 53 and really wants you to know that 20 years ago he was an alcoholic who hung out in teenager's dorm rooms and thought that was dating

  • Meanwhile Oscar winner Portman is living her best life and was recently spotted in France at an event for Moet

  • Moby insists he is doing this because he is committed to the truth and that Natalie's "lies" have resulted in death threats against him


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