Rotten Tomatoes to Add "Verified" Audience Ratings

  • Movie review aggregating website Rotten Tomatoes has added a section for "verified" ratings, where it will display ratings from moviegoers who have bought tickets via Fandango.

  • Before, anyone could rate a movie on Rotten Tomatoes whether or not they'd seen it, so those dissastisfied with the casting, concept or promotion of a film could easily give a film a low rating that didn't reflect its quality. For example, Captain Marvel was deluged with bad reviews before it even opened in theaters.

  • Now, trolls and other bad actors can still rate movies poorly, but there is a separate score from people who have definitively seen the movie in question (see graphic above), giving the score more credibility.

  • AMC, Regal and Cinemark plan to join Fandango as authenticators later this year.