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Little Mix's Jesy Nelson hires a stripper and tries to cook on Episode 1 of "Eat In with Little Mix"

  • Because somehow Little Mix knew that I've wanted something as dumb as this for a while now, they have started a new mini-reality show/series called Eat In with Little Mix, in which the girl group's members compete against each other to see who hosts the best dinner party.

  • In the first episode, Jesy tries her luck in the kitchen for the occasion because she really can't cook. She invited her ugly and equally problematic best friend to cook with her because of course.

  • During the interviews with the other girls, they kept mentioning their low expectations because they knew that Jesy couldn't cook to save her life. Jade couldn't believe the menu and she thought that Jesy was going to buy everything and not acutally cook it.

  • This was the first time Perrie went to Jesy's house.

  • Jesy had to buy the cheesecake that she promised for dessert at her local store because she screwed up the recipe; she obviously acted as if it was homemaded.

  • After dinner, Jesy told the girls that they were going to play a game, and Leigh-Anne started guessing that she had hired a stripper. It turns out that she was right and Jesy had indeed hired the saddest stripper ever; he only took off his shirt and shoes.

  • Perrie almost peed herself because of how much she was laughing; she described it as one of the most funny/uncomfortable/awkward moments of her life.

  • In the end, Jesy got a 77 score out of 120.

  • Next episode, it's Jade's turn to host a dinner party.

Tags: food / food industry, little mix, reality show celebrity

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