'Aladdin': What the Critics Are Saying


Critics weighed in today on the latest in Disney's live-action adaptations of animated classics. Some quotes:

Seattle Times
It's got a flying carpet. It's got an enchanted lamp. It's got a shape-shifting genie. But alas, "Aladdin" lacks real magic.

New York Times
The movie itself, while not entirely terrible - a lot of craft has been purchased, and even a little art - is pointless in a particularly aggressive way.

"Aladdin" is a great deal of fun, with charming leads and elaborately mounted songs.

The Atlantic
Even with a colossal budget and the spectacular tech available to Disney, live actors can't replicate the dizzy kinetics of a cartoon.

USA Today
While there's a certain charm missing from the revamp, Smith goes way over the top to make up for it.

Globe and Mail
There are just some things that should not exist in this world, and Smith's visage pasted onto a floating, endlessly stretchy blue cloud of CGI muscles and sinew is top of the list. So, yeah: pure nightmare fuel.