'The View' Round-Up: Ben Carson Unable to Answer HUD Questions, Naked Dog Sitter, and More

The co-hosts discuss Ben Carson's testimony in front of Congress which left people wondering if Carson knows anything about his job. Sunny says it's frustrating because Carson is a brilliant surgeon but she agrees with Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley that he is unqualified to be in charge of HUD. Meghan thinks Carson should be using his talents to help people with brain tumors, like her father.

The co-hosts discuss why The View is the place to be and why it has such an impact.

The nakedness doesn't bother Sunny but the dog sitter inviting her boyfriend over to the house does. Whoopi says, "keep your damn clothes on!" In general, Meghan likes to cover up as much as possible.

Eric Stonestreet agrees with Joy that Modern Family made the country less homophobic.

Eric Stonestreet's first TV role was on Dharma & Greg. They show a clip from the episode he appeared on.

Legal analyst Dan Abrams thinks Felicity Huffman will serve less than four months. Abrams agrees with Lori Loughlin's decision to plead not guilty because she's not being offered a great deal.

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