Moby claims he "dated" Lana del Rey

  • While Moby continues to argue with Natalie Portman over whether the fact that they kissed and he creeped on her for a few weeks when she was 18 and he was 34 counts as "dating" he also dropped another big name that he "dated"

  • According to Moby he went on a date with Lana del Rey in 2006 when she would have been either 20 or 21 and he would have been 40 or 41

  • They initially met at a bar where he tried to take her home to have sex with her and she declined but agreed to go on a date with him

  • After their date he took her back to his apartment where she told him he was the type of rich man who would be the first one guillotened during a revolution which he thought was a compliment (Op note: LOL)

  • He tried to put the moves on her but she was not impressed "I sat next to her on the piano bench and started kissing her. She kissed me back – but then stopped. ‘What’s wrong?’ I asked. “‘I like you. But I hear you do this with a lot of people.’ I wanted to lie, to tell her that I didn’t, that I was chaste, sane, and ethical. But I said nothing"

  • She went home after that and according to him they agreed to go on a second date (OP hasn't read the book so no idea if this was the extent of their dating or what)

  • Moby says they later worked together professionally a year later in 2007 when she was briefly a backup singer for his band The Little Death but she quit to do her own material