Justin Bieber is releasing....a deodorant

*Bieber, who often doesn't look like he has showered much less put on deodorant, has decided to get into the under arm game by releasing his own pit stick.

*Announced on his Instagram that he is partnering with Schmidt’s Naturals to release his own natural deodorant that will be plant based and contain no chemicals.

*According to the CEO of Schmidt's Naturals, the deodorant with be called "Here + Now”.

*Schmidt goes on to say the name was chosen because “It speaks to being present in your daily life. It’s more than just a deodorant; it’s a lifestyle and a connection to those around you.”

*No word on the release date, scent, price, or if anyone outside of Beliebers would want their armpits to smell like the Biebs.


What celeb would you want your underarms to smell like as you are present in your daily life, ONTD?