Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union on WWHL

- Jessica's 'freak' rating is 4.5. Gabrielle guessed 5.

- Gabrielle's celebrity hall pass is Smokey Robinson (today). Jessica guessed Barack Obama.

- If either of them were single, they both agree that Gabrielle would be the one who would have more game.

- Gabrielle's favourite way of relieving stress is sex. Jessica guessed right.

- Jessica's least favourite thing about social media is 'porn people tagging' her. Gabrielle guessed trolls.

On if Jessica would reprise her role as Susan Storm: "I would love to play the Invisible Woman again. I love those Marvel superhero movies. Or I'd love to play another [Marvel character]. You know, I think there are so many great characters. And there's, so far, not a lot of Latinas that are a part of that universe, so that would be cool. Bring it on."

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What is your 'freak' rating from 1 to 10, ontd?