Jessica Alba: "I was meant to feel ashamed if I tempted men. Then I stopped eating."

Trigger warning: this post concerns the topic of eating disorders.

- Grew up with a conservative family that restricted what she wore: "My mom would say, ‘You have a body and it’s very womanly, and people don’t understand that you’re 12. I wasn’t allowed to have my nalgas out, which is butt cheeks [in Spanish], but I was born with a giant booty, and they come out of everything. So, I didn’t get to wear normal things that all my friends wore because my nalgas were out.”

- Says she lost weight to get rid of her curvaceous shape. She wanted to look "more like a boy" in order to prevent tempting men.

- Says she, like many other actors and actresses, were preyed upon by Hollywood and many of the men in that industry felt entitled to her and her body.

- It wasn't until she had her first baby that she'd appreciate her body. Breastfeeding reminded her of what boobs really are for and it helped her come to terms with the fact that her body was not meant for men or anyone else.
"[Breast feeding] was the dopest shit I’d ever done. So, I came into my body as a woman finally and I stopped being ashamed of myself."


her ass is forever and always incredible and i'm happy she embraces it