Whatever happened to Tila Tequila?

I randomly thought about Tila Tequila today and realized I hadn't heard about her in a while so I started googling

-she now goes by the name Tornado Thien
-she had another baby who is about 9 months old. So now she has 2 kids, Isabella and Annabelle. No clue who the second dad is.

-she is super religious and talks about God and Jesus a lot

-she still seems to be suffering from mental illness. I guess she wasn't trolling like a lot of people thought.

-she moves a lot
-wants to start a GoFundMe to record a gospel album
-is an anti-vaxxer

It's honestly really sad to watch. I'm surprised CPS haven't stepped in yet. She talks about how she's going to destroy the universe and all this stuff. Hopefully her kids are okay.

Apparently she got taken to the mental hospital but they let her go

Check out the source for a lot more videos