Cheese Made From Celebrity Bacteria Goes on Display 🧀

Bum yeast whomst?

Scientist / cheesemakers at the London biolab Open Cell collected bacteria from celebrity armpits, ears, noses and bellybuttons that was then grown in the lab until suitable strains could be selected for cheesemaking.

So, who are the big cheeses?

  • Suggs, from Madness, is cheddar.

  • Ruby Tandoh, from Great British Bake-off, is silton.

  • Alex James, from Blur, is cheshire.

  • Professor Green, a rapper, is mozzarella.

As I am not British nor very tuned into their celebrities that haven't crossed the pond, I do not know who these people are. But I posted this bc human cheese.

If you're interested, visit the Victoria and Albert museum.

No samples.


Who would you eat?
Chris Evans stans need not reply.