Lil Nas X Postmates Billy Ray Cyrus a Maserati Sports Car

To celebrate Old Town Road being #1 on Billboard for 7 weeks, Lil Nas X used Postmates to gift Billy Ray Cyrus a Maserati sports car. "Ridin' down Rodeo in my Maserati sports car" is a lyric in Billy Ray's verse on the Old Town Road remix. Lil Nas X posted a video of him surprising Billy Ray at his home and then Billy Ray took Lil Nas X on a ride in his new Maserati sports car.

Billy Ray posted a photo of him and Lil Nas X sitting on the Maserati sports car.

Many expressed concerns about Lil Nas X blowing his money from having one hit too fast, but he responded by saying that he is good and has barely spent shit.

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