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Beloved Toronto radio host Dave 'Bookie' Bookman dead at 59

-Dave Bookman, who was an on-air host for both 102.1 the Edge and Indie 88, has died of a brain aneurysm. He had been in the hospital for the past few weeks.
-In an Indie 88 tribute, on-air host Josie Dye said, "Bookie was the last true personality on air. He wasn’t hired for his charm, his looks, or his voice. He didn’t work his brand, or promote himself. He exuded knowledge, truth, opinions that mattered that had foundations in research and love for music."

Good pal and former coworker Alan Cross posted this photo from Lee's Palace, a Toronto music venue: Rest well, my friend Bookie.

Toronto Mike of the Toronto Mike'd Podcast will be airing a tribute in an upcoming podcast. This isn't the place for it, but thanks to the ONTD member who turned me onto this podcast.

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What a loss. Especially with the 10-year anniversary of 102.1 The Edge's Martin Streek's death coming up in July. RIP.
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