Vivid Entertainment says that infamous tape that “stars” Kim Kardashian and Ray J will be available for instant burning onto a personal DVD starting today. It marks the first ever “day and date” celebrity sex tape release in downloadable format.

Vivid has signed an exclusive deal with www.alladultchannel.com to provide full “Download to DVD” access to " Kim Kardashian Superstar,” today, March 21st – the same day the movie goes on sale in retail stores nationwide, despite a law suit against Vivid by Ms. Kardashian. It can also be purchased by mail order at www.shopvivid.com and it will be available for streaming at www.kimksuperstar.com, where the curious can see the latest trailer before they order the movie.

NSFW (obviously)


EDIT* (The link is a lil' funny. the first couple of tries it didn't work. but now all of a sudden it is for me. i'll try and find another link.....)

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