'The View' Round-Up: Sharing Private Details About Your Sex Life, Your BFF Dating Your Ex, and More

Denise Richards is the newest addition to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she wasted no time revealing intimate details about her sex life to the other wives in front of her husband. Whoopi seems horrified. Joy says it's bragging. Sunny thinks it's uncomfortable when her friends discuss their sex life in front of her. Meghan was shocked that former co-hosts Paula Faris and Sarah Haines talked about their sex life on air. She thinks it's trashy.

Former White House counsel Don McGahn skipped a Trump-Russia hearing before the House Judiciary Committee. The Democrats say they will pursue contempt. Sunny says McGahn is in contempt of a subpoena. Joy says "lock 'em up" in regards to the Trump administration and the Republican party. Meghan says if Joy wants all Republicans to go to jail over impeachment then Pelosi should go to jail, too. Joy says she was being hyperbolic but Meghan thinks it sounds aggressive.

The co-hosts continue their discussion about McGahn. Whoopi is frustrated that the Trump administration isn't being treated with the same fervor that the Clintons were considering that McGahn broke the law by ignoring the subpoena. Meghan says the point she's trying to make is that Democrats would be smarter to spend their time on elections rather than the Trump-Russia hearings. Sunny points out that Republicans spent years and millions of dollars on Benghazi and oversight is part of Congress' job.

Congressman Justin Amash, a Republican and "hardcore" Libertarian, said the Mueller report lays the case for impeachment. Trump called him a loser. Joy regrets taking a picture with Mitt Romney because he missed his opportunity to stand up to Trump. Joy says Amash is the only member of the Republican party speaking truth to power. Sunny thinks there are grounds for impeachment based on the Mueller report. Sunny and Joy want to hear from Mueller himself.

Trayvon Martin's mother Sybrina Fulton is running for local office. Whoopi thinks she's a great example for others. She recommends Sybrina's book, Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin. Sunny gives a shout-out to Congresswoman Lucy McBath whose son Jordan Davis was killed in 2012.

Joy would be fine with her friend dating her ex. Sunny, who travels in packs according to Joy, doesn't like it because future vacations will be awkward. She doesn't want her friends dating someone she's already seen naked.

The co-hosts interview the most recent winner of American Idol, 18-year-old Laine Hardy. He talks about his win and what he thinks of each of the judges.

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ONTD, do you share private details about your sex life?