Woody Allen Gets U.S. Release Rights to ‘Rainy Day In New York’ Back From Amazon.

Amazon Studios has returned the domestic rights to “A Rainy Day in New York” back to Woody Allen.
Allen is now free to proceed with any domestic release elsewhere as he sees fit.
“A Rainy Day in New York” already has international distribution commitments.
Allen and Amazon are locked in a legal battle regarding his defunct overall deal.
The return of the film rights does not impact the current legal battle.
What American company will possibly step up to release the film?

One top film distribution chief speaking on the condition of anonymity :
“This is death, publicity-wise. Talent wants to distance themselves as far as possible from this. None of them are likely to promote it."

The only viable distributors would presumably be small shops looking to make a splash or load up on content.
Few could likely stand the public relations crush.

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