Rita explains how she made it + buys her parents a £1.5 million mansion in Kosovo

Rita just purchased a house for her parents in their home country of Kosovo.

She reportedly spent 1.5 million pounds on the home.

She also explained her career which she says is different from other people's.

When she was younger she'd go into meetings like "hey, this is me" and they'd tell her "this isn't working".

She's done many albums that no one will ever hear.

"I did everything I could possibly do to be in everyone's faces at all times cause I was like, you ain't fucking getting rid of me. That's not happening. I did Adidas clothes, I designed clothes, I did TV shows, I did films, I do music for the films, I did anything! So people could be like 'oh, alright well, I guess this bitch is staying'".