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Nikolaj Coster Waldau gives his thoughts on Jaime, Brienne and Cersei's ending

His thoughts on Jaime having sex with Brienne:

"I was shocked. I never thought it was going to happen. They survived. There’s this party. They buried the dead. There’s this enormous relief. We did it. There’s drinking and happiness. And there’s flirting and she leaves and he goes to see her in her quarters, and suddenly it happens. There’s the classic moment after where he’s like, “Oh no,” and reality sets in not long after. The battle for King’s Landing is looming. He hears this very specific talk between Sansa and Brienne, and you know Daenerys is going to torch the place. So he decides he has to go back to his sister".

On Jaime leaving Brienne:

"You know he’s gonna go back, and it’s not gonna have a happy ending, is it? The hardest thing is the fact they actually find the balance because he ends up with Brienne for a brief moment. He kinda knows himself there is no alternative. For a moment he tricks himself into thinking there is an alternative to his life. As an audience you want him to succeed in taking that different route. You wonder if he’s changed and if he’s escaped this destructive relationship. But you realize he’s so bound by this code of honor of family first, and him and Cersei have a strong bond on every level him. He didn’t say, “Cersei, I don’t love you anymore.” He said, “I’m going to fight for the living because ultimately that’s the only way you and the child you carry can live.” He has to go back. She’s all alone. He’s the last one she has. He knows he has to back and try to save her".

How he felt about Jaime and Cersei dying together:

"I thought it was a great ending for that couple. She was never going to surrender. And he says it to Bronn in season 4. Bronn asked, “How would you want it to end?” And Jaime says, “In the arms of the woman I love.” So this was foreshadowed and that’s what happened. There’s a least a moment that they do connect: “Just look at me, just look in my eyes, it’s just you and me…”

Other points:

-He never thought Jaime would kill Cersei. Thought their ending was beautiful.
-He wishes Jaime and Cersei had more scenes together in episode 5.
-He thinks the final ending is logical without it being too obvious.

Also here's a cute instagram video of him being excited about the finale lol:

Read full interview at SOURCE
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