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Hozier gives passionate pro-choice speech in Alabama

Hozier played at the Hangout Music Festival in Alabama yesterday and had some strong words re: the state’s recent anti-choice policies.

[transcript here]
"…And I know what happens when they act, and they act directly. I also know what happens when old pious men make laws about what women should and shouldn’t do with their bodies. I know this ‘cause I’ve seen direct action form the very state that I hail from, the nation state which was created 100 years ago. And what I would say also, remember where power lies and remind politicians where power lies.The biggest thing they fear is losing their fucking jobs.

And to men, also: just be wary of any mentality that would make cattle or vessels of women. Because that same mentality will make machines and tools of you. And make monsters of you. Just remember where power is, just remember what the electorate can do."

Hozier has long been an outspoken advocate for reproductive rights, and in 2018 released a video urging his Irish fanbase to vote in the referendum to terminate the Irish 8th amendment, which gave a mother and their unborn child "equal right to life," effectively banning abortions and forcing some 170.000 women to travel to other nations to seek termination since 1980. Abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy has been legal in Ireland as of January 1, 2019.

The music video for his song ‘Nina Cried Power” features several Irish activists, among them Anna Cosgrave and Saoirse Long, whose work has been instrumental in the fight for reproductive rights in the country.

He is also donating a portion of his fee from the festival to The Yellowhammer Fund and the Abortion Support Network.

buy/stream wasteland. baby! tbh

Tags: feminism / social issues, irish celebrities

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