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Women get political at Cannes: Pro-choice protests, dress code violations, boundary breakers + more

  • Variety co-editor Claudia Eller posted a video showing that she was denied entry by a security guard for not adhering to dress code (she was wearing a suit and some snazzy silver oxfords)

  • This has been an ongoing problem with Cannes over the years as various women have been harassed and denied entry for not wearing heels. This is only a problem for regular working women as Kristen Stewart and Julia Roberts have been celebrated for kicking off their heels and walking around barefoot

  • Eller was eventually granted entry after her co-worker who was filming the incident threatened to post the video on Variety

  • Although the red carpet gets all the attention Cannes actually has a market attached to it where completed films are sold, filmmakers network, and new films are packaged

  • Director and new mother Greta Bellamacina planned to attend events in the market and was denied entry due to having a new born

  • She was eventually told she could bring her baby if she registered her child as an accredited film professional. After agreeing to pay the several hundred euro fee to register her baby she was denied entry anyway as the baby's accredidation would take two days to process

  • Bellamacina went public with her treatment and the festival later issued a statement saying that she had been denied entry by error and they were working with her to allow her access to the festival

  • French filmmaker Mati Diop became the first black woman to have a film compete for the Palme d'or in the festiva's 72 year history

  • While other black women directors have had films play at Cannes none have ever been selected for the main official competition and thus have been ineligible for the festival's top prize, the Palm d'or

  • In various interviews Diop has shyed away from issues of identity saying that race is different in France and she views herself predominately as a Frenchwoman, but also said that she is happy to pave the way for other black women

  • The filmmakers and stars of the documentary Que Sea Ley (Let it Be Law) showed up at the premiere and photocall of their movie wearing green, the colour of the pro-choice movement in Argentina

  • The movie focuses on a year long struggle to legalize abortion that ultimately failed

  • Director Juan Solanas says that he's ashamed that safe abortions are banned in his country

  • At the premiere of their new film director Céline Sciamma and actress Adèle Haenel wore 50/50 pins

  • The pins reference the 50/50 by 2020 movement, an attempt to achieve gender parity in filmmaking by 2020

  • Sciamma is heavily involved with the French branch of the movement which organized a protest at Cannes last year urging the festival to work towards including more women directors (spoiler alert: they didn't)

  • Sciamma gave an interview about her latest film saying that the majority of the crew, including the all female cast, her cinematographer and her producer, were women

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