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Blessed Be! Trailer for the Extended Season of Love After Lockup is Unleashed

- the best peak trash television is coming back with full force
- WEtv's Lock After Lockup has been gaining traction with increased viewership every week
- this increased viewership has led to producers giving us a spinoff of the couples we've laughed and screamed at with "Life After Lockup"
- now you can see what these crazy kids are up to
- Andrea (Black Mormon Weave Lady) and Lamar are back!!!!!!!!!!!
- the love triangle of Sarah's blaccent, Megan and Michael return
- OP feels like this show isn't scripted and that this shit happens and a camera crew just rolled up


OP really wants a "trash tv" tag because reality tv just doesn't encapsulate this masterpiece enough.
Tags: arrest / arrest warrant, nobody, reality show, who asked for this

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