Teen Wolf actress allowed to enter Brazil; had tampered with passport

32-year-old Teen Wolf actress Holland Roden was allowed to enter Brazil after problems at the border. She will be participating in a fan event today.

Despite claiming on social media that her visa was valid to enter Brazil and she was being unjustly stopped from entering the country by the Federal Police, it has emerged that Holland had manually removed her visa from an expired passport and stuck it to her new passport. This invalidated her visa and is considered an illegal practice in Brazil (tampering with a document). (This practice is also not allowed in the US).

Despite this she was not immediately sent back to the US, but allowed to request a new visa, given government assistance to speed up the process, and allowed to sleep in the airport hotel. She was not arrested, but had originally been stopped from leaving the immigration area.

Ironically, she might not have had an issue if she had not tampered with her passports.

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