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Reddit Asks: People that work on movie sets, what are the most entitled actors you have ever met?

[James Corden. so much James Corden.]
-Also a TV set, James Corden is an absolute jack ass, not the funny happy go lucky guy you see on TV.

-My favorite James Corden moment was when Jimmy Kimmel won a round of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts by asking Corden to name one camera man in the room right now.

-He’s from a town near to my home town and we all knew he was a dick when he started being famous way back when

-Went to school with him. Can confirm.

-Can confirm. He has this thing where he won’t talk to anyone bar the most senior crew. He treats everyone else like crap. Once witnessed him have a meltdown because the script supervisor (who’s job is partly to ensure continuity and keep dialogue true to script) spoke to him directly when the Director was occupied (script supervisors normally filter issues via the director). He thinks he’s above everyone.

-My sister's ex was a cameraman for an episode of Corden's sports show here in the UK, and when Corden messed up he apparently couldn't accept it was his fault and allegedly got the stage manager fired over it.

[Steven Segal is a POS]
- I used to work in the industry for a while. Asked some colleagues about the worst people they've worked with. More than one said Steven Segal was a grade A douchbag.

- Segal brought his mom into the hospital where my ex-wife worked. He parked his car in the ambulance only area and refused to remove it, citing his authority as a special county deputy sheriff.

- My boss is a former stunt man who worked with Steven Segal. He roundhouse kicked my boss without warning once. Big no-no, and if he wasn't the "star" he would have been immediately suspended. Instead, he griped about my boss's reaction and sidelined him for the rest of the film. He still got paid, but got no screen time.

- In my over 20 years in film. There is no one who compares to Segall. He is the biggest fucking piece of human shit I have ever encountered anywhere. He is also a sexual predator. Yes that's a serious allegation but I do not fucking care. It's true. He preys on young women who are new or desperate. He showed up at wardrobe fittings, crossing boundaries, he would offer roles to female extras or actors, asking them to come read the scene in his trailer where he would come onto them. This isn't a secret in my industry. Almost everyone knows. He's fucking garbage and deserves to be lying in a ditch.

- Steven Seagal shows up and rejects his stunt double for being too fat (aka, a perfect double for him) and selects a stunt double for himself who was much thinner, in fact it was Star Lord's double for all those movies. Production had to put Star Lord in a fat suit so he would look like Seagal, and he ends up doing 90% of Seagal's scenes, which is a good thing because it turns out Seagal likes to literally punch stunt men during choreographed fights and then taunt them if they wince.

Edit: Also, Seagal got in trouble for flirting with underage girls and bringing prostitutes on set.

[Michael Cera]
- Not that it’s any surprise to anyone, but Michael Cera is a huge fucking asshole.
I watched so many young musicians come up to him during the Sex Bob-omb tour come up to him to talk about music or gush about how he inspired them, only for him to either brush them off completely, ask them why they’re talking to him, or just have security come take them away.
Total dick.

- YUP. worked at wine shop.
at closing we are ringing one last guy out, doors locked.
Cera comes to door, disappointed we're closed; we can't sell any more. Guy GIVES Cera his own wine, knowing he could not get more tonight. so nice. then asks for a picture for his kid.
Cera says no. what a dick.

- I met him in a bar and he was a JERK.
Everyone in Brampton hates him with good reason.

a lot more going on at the source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/bpod13/people_that_work_on_movie_sets_what_are_the_most/
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