"Game Of Thrones" actor Jacob Anderson on "Strahan and Sara"

- Jacob Anderson who plays Grey Worm On " Game of Thrones, was on "Strahan and Sara" before the last episode.

-When asked if it ended the way he expected it, he said "No not at all. Very unexpected".

- Was very surprised he lasted until the end.

- Commenting on the petition to have the season redone, he says that while people may feel like the characters belong to them, and he thinks thats great and heartwarming, in a way they don't ,and feels it' s rude to the very hardworking crew members.

- Was annoyed Starbucks got the publicity for the coffee cup in the show, as it was from craft services.

- His music has been streamed 200 million times and he goes by Raleigh Ritchie, which he thought up in high school, will have a new album coming out soon.