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Riverdale Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Talks the Season Finale, Senior Year, and Luke Perry

-Fred Andrews' fate will be dealt with early next season: "So we are 100% going to deal with it narratively at the beginning of season 4, and we want that episode to really honor the character of Fred and honor the actor Luke and our friend Luke [...] We didn’t want to rush into that at the end of the season and give it short shrift or not make that story as great and emotional as it needs to be [...] I think that’s going to be a big part of Archie’s journey next season, honestly."

-Once again claims that the show will go back to high school shenanigans because it's senior year: "we're really, really leaning into the fact that this is the last year this group of friends, this group of people, might be together [...] it’s also kind of what senior year is always about. It’s a huge step to go from high school to college, you say goodbye to your high school friends, you become more of a young adult, and I think that's what season four's really gonna be about"

-The mystery will (obviously) be core four based instead of having them branch off into their own things: "We also wanted to get the core fourback together, after a long time of telling separate stories [...] We’ll always go back to that grouping"

-The Farm's not over, but it won't take over the whole season next year. It'll be wrapped up "pretty quickly". The biggest thing from The Farm stuff is real Charles being back in their lives, and Betty dealing with the fact that she inherited the serial killer gene. Didn't tell Madchen about the Alice twist because they didn't want it to affect her acting. Hal's dead for realsies though.

-Originally planned to either jail or kill Penelope, but they love writing for the actress and character a lot. On that Blossom tangent, they'll be revisiting Cheryl as a gothic heroine and the fact that so much of her life had been defined by her love for her brother. They're not going full Norman Bates with the corpse thing though.

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