Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and some heirs get arrested for smuggling weed

Okay stick with me here, because it is a wild one. The heirs to the Coca-Cola bottling fortune and DISH networks have teamed up with actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers on a CBD/cannabis venture. They were on a private plane to St. Kitts and were detained and arrested for smuggling marijuana into the country. They were trying to bring in 5,000 cannabis plants worth $1.3 million.

St. Kitts and Nevis recently expanded the use of cannabis and these tools were apparently trying to start a business there.

One bro posted $300k bond and was released. Another was released but later arrested for more drug charges and is still being held. Johnthan Rhys-Meyers was traveling, for reasons unknown, with his wife and mother-in-law- they were released and not charged.

Wild photos of the whole adventure can be found Elsewhere .

Various media outlets claim that they will either be suing the government for the ordeal, or to be returning in three weeks ‘with rolling papers baby.’

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