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Superstore creator Justin Spitzer talks about the season 4 finale and why he's stepping down

Last night Superstore aired the final two episodes of season 4 and delivered a shocking season finale. Showrunner Justin Spitzer was interviewed by Vox about what the series finale means going forward and why he's stepping down from his position.

[Spoiler plot recap]

  • The first ep saw Sandra using her new found attention to rally the workers towards unionizing

  • After Amy got a tip from Jeff that corporate was looking to close down one of the stores in her region and transform it into a warehouse Amy and Dina left to talk to corporate and persuaded Jonah to stay behind to to break up the union

  • Amy was able to keep her store open by leveraging her knowledge of her boss's drug problem

  • Jonah was able to dampen enthusiasm around the union but after Amy returned and asked him for the names of pro-union workers he decided to sign his union card

  • Ana Ortiz also guest starred in this ep (she and America Ferrera previously worked together on Ugly Betty!)

  • In the series finale tensions rose between Amy and Jonah as she continued to try to break up union activity and a conversation in the break room revealed that Amy doesn't want kids though Jonah seemed more open to it

  • After Jeff revealed to Amy that one of their union busting activities involved calling ICE, Amy and the rest of the store rallied together to try to protect Mateo

  • They were unsuccessful at getting Mateo, an undocumented immigrant, out of the store and he left in the back of an ICE van

  • Amy then decided that the workers should unionize

  • Spitzer is stepping down from the show after 4 seasons in part because his wife Jenna Bans, the showrunner of the show Good Girls does the majority of the childcare in their relationship and he wants to step up as a parent (OP note: this is so cute, I knew Cloud 9 existed in Good Girls but I didn't know the showrunners were married). He will stay on as a consultant.

  • Spitzer tried to get as many guest stars as possible to come back for the finale as a way to say goodbye to them. Making appearances were Jonah's ex Kelly (who revealed they're still in touch to a jealous Amy), Jerry (who proposed to Sandra), and Cheyenne's husband Bo. Not included were Jerusha, Amy's ex Adam and her daughter Emma. Spitzer said he tried to include them but the actors couldn't appear for various reasons.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

  • Despite being detained by ICE Mateo will still be part of the show going forward

  • Amy's journey is about learning that some fights are worth it. She was never super pro corporate even as she became one of them and in the finale we see her try to protect Mateo and realize her coworkers are her family.

  • Spitzer jokes that he wrote the show into a crazy cliffhanger and now he gets to walk away

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