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The Big Bang Theory Series Ends

ONTD will be happy to know the series has come to an end but it will live on forever in syndicated repeats and eventually land on a streaming platform

How did it end?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Has All the Spoilers

Yes the cool Buffy not the crazy Buffy was a surprise guest star. TV needs more Sarah Michelle Gellar!

Dr Sheldon Cooper and Dr Amy Farrah Fowler Cooper won the Nobel prize for something something science something

Amy was disappointed at how frumpy she looked in media photos so Raj took her for a makeover where she cut her hair, added makeup, and updated her wardrobe

All the attention for their win freaks out the notoriously change-averse Sheldon; Amy's tasteful but improved makeover sends him over the edge

Did they fix the elevator? [Spoiler (click to open)]Yes they did!

Sheldon and Penny go out for drinks, where Sheldon expresses all his anxieties about the changes, while Penny points out to him (via his 12 year character arc) how much he's changed himself over the years

When getting fitted for her dress, Amy relates to the gang that she was thrilled that her size had to be taken in a little, and she teases that Penny's had to be let out a little. In a private moment after everyone leaves, Penny and Leonard talk about how she is … pregnant! Turns out after Sheldon and Penny's drunken night, she came home horny and made a baby with Leonard.

The core gang is getting frustrated at how they tolerate and enable Sheldon's quirks, but they all go to Stockholm to be there for the Coopers' prize award

On the plane to Stockholm, Raj is convinced that SMG is asleep in the seat next to him. Meanwhile Penny keeps going to the restroom. Sheldon is fixated that she's so sick that she'll infect all of Sweden, so Leonard tells him that she's pregnant. Sheldon reacts in his typical nonchalant way, which irks Leonard.

At the hotel, they all become more frustrated with Sheldon at his inability to be compassionate and supportive of his friends. At first they threaten to leave but decide to stay to support Amy.

At the Nobel awards ceremony, turns out it was SMG beside Raj on the plane and now she's beside him in the audience. As Amy gives a brief speech thanking everyone and encouraging all girls to dream big and science is cool, Sheldon is distracted as he stares longingly at his friends on the second row.

When it comes time for Sheldon to speak, he puts aside his War and Peace write up, and instead says a brief thank you to his family, and then a longer poignant thank you to his other family - each of his friends, and then calls them by name to stand up in the audience

Flash forward to Leonard and Penny's apartment, they’re back home, with everyone on the couch chatting (photo in tweet above), but their dialogue is silent, because the Barenaked Ladies guy is singing an acoustic version of the theme song.

The end

A Farewell From NASA

Yes it seemed fitting for the characters and no series finale will ever be as rage-inducing horrible as HIMYM (at least until we see GoT finale on Sunday)

Source1 my eyes because my mom watches this so you're welcome
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