Tati posts new video addressing the James Charles situation

  • She's surprised by the reaction to her video. She thought she would be the one losing subscribers.

  • Tati had a lot of private conversations with James about his behavior but it wasn't getting through to him so that's why she decided to post the video.

  • She doesn't hate James Charles. She wants him to get better and have better people around him (and she knows that won't be her anymore).

  • She hopes James Charles is able to look back on this one day and realize she did this out of love: “I hope one day he looks back and can acknowledge that this was from a good place. This cut was much deeper than vitamins.”

  • She wants the memes and tweets to stop. Social media is a really dark place for her right now. She urges people not to send James Charles hate.

  • She is very tearful throughout the video: "Cry too much and you’re the victim. Suck it up and power through and you’re the bitch."

  • She ends it by saying that she still loves James Charles.