Hit podcasters from"My dad wrote a porno" on "Strahan and Sara"

- Jaime Morton,James Cooper and Alice Levine were interviewed about their hit podcast on "Strahan and Sara.

- The podcast has been downloaded 160 million times, and had a HBO special.

- Jaime's dad retired and started to write what bacame " Belinda Blinked" under the name Rocky Flintstone.

- Father sent son the book and son called his friends and they agreed they needed to share how eccentric and not very good the book was.

-James and Alice are hearing each chapter for the first time on the podcast.

- They have a live show where audience memebers recreate chapters, dressed ,as some things dont add up. There will be two people , but 6 arms and 3 legs in a chapter.

- There is a drinking game based on odd bits. Punctuation. There may be 6 pages before a period shows up or a 2 word sentence. Odd set ups. 2 characters are set to sleep together and start folding laundry. Also when a Character's name changes in the middle of a chapter.

- Jaime's mother does not mind her husband writing since it gets him out of the house.