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The Underground Girls Are Fighting! Liz Y2K Shades Charli XCX?

- Yesterday Charli XCX and Lizzo released the single "Blame It On Your Love", the remake of "Track 10"
- The cover art featured 3D digital makeup art by Ines Alpha, who did work on both LIZ's "Super Duper Nova" cover art and BIOYL's
- LIZ saw that FROOT looked familiar and accuses the creative teams amongst each other
- Charli XCX rightfully did not apologize for the cover art and sends love to LIZ while referencing #froot (see below)
- LIZ has been keeping an eye out for Selener since some of LIZ's work/concepts gets repurposed or given to other artists, like with the Danny L Harle "Ponytail" instrumental given to an industry plant, without her knowledge... well you know the deal

Reduced this post mods!

Is it time that Charli and Liz get the pop justice they deserve?

sources: 1 2 3
Tags: celebrity social media, charli xcx, music / musician
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