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Meet the 2019 DISNEY LEGENDS To be Honored at D23 in August

They will be officially 'awarded' at D23, in Anaheim on August 23rd. And your class of 2019 includes.....

“This year’s honorees have earned a place in our hearts and our history for their significant contributions in film, television, my pocketbook, and our theme parks around the world.” Says Bob Iger.

    • Robert Downey Jr and Jon Faverau (Thank you, for making us a bajillion dollars every 2 years!)

    • Kenny Ortega (Same, but with DCOMs)

    • Ming-Na Wen (Mulan!)

    • Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer (From Good Morning America)

    • Hans Zimmer and James Earl Jones (Lion King Represent)

    • Bette Midler, Barnette Ricci, Wing Chao

    Tags: asian celebrities, disney, robert downey jr.

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